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About singer Matt & UPTO


Down-to-earth and always with a beaming smile on his face, that’s how we got to know Matthias Buchli (Matt). The young Swiss is the lead singer of the band 77 Bombay Street and tours Switzerland together with his band mates – all his brothers, by the way.

From test tube to guitar

Matthias “Matt” originally studied System-oriented Natural Sciences at the ETH in Zurich. However, he never got round to putting his Master’s degree into practice. He has far too much fun living his music together with his brothers. In fact, all five brothers came to music through their mother. She was always a gifted musician, while her husband was more of an entertainer – what a perfect match. The family used to give Christmas concerts together in hospitals and retirement homes. Then, after they moved to Australia, the family jam session became a band and German songs became English songs. Today, the parents may only watch from the sidelines, but they are certainly no less proud of their sons, whose passion for music is just as great as it was back then. Besides music, there are of course other passions in Matt’s life: sailing, for example, or sport in general. However, nothing – not even music – is as important in his life as his family. His brothers and parents, as well as his wife and son, always come first for him.

What is the guitar doing in the UPTO e-car?

So you see, our impression of him is true. But how do we actually know Matt? He approached us over a year ago because he wanted to try out an electric car for himself. At the time, however, he wasn’t quite sure whether it would really be the right thing for him as a frequent driver, which is why he wanted to test it on subscription first.

That’s why he has now been travelling privately and for concerts in a duo set-up with his brother Esra in a UPTO e-car for over a year and even extended his subscription again in January.