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Customised fleet management – also for the region


The brand offers a total mobility solution, relying on customisable offers. Its business model combines car subscriptions, which are offered via a digital platform, with personally supervised fleet management. This offers a great advantage for companies in particular, as the two services complement each other ideally. The operation of the company’s own fleet can be handed over to the UPTO fleet managers, while at the same time the subscription offers vehicles that are quickly available, e.g. to bridge seasonal peaks.

From transparency to individuality

UPTO focuses on transparency and personal support. Every customer is assigned a personal fleet manager. All concerns are handled by a trusted person and do not go through an anonymous call centre. In addition, a 24/7 help desk of AXA Switzerland is available for extraordinary emergencies. The second important value is transparency: all fleet management fees are openly disclosed. At the end of the year, an overall statement is made and any costs saved are reimbursed on a one-to-one basis. On the one hand, this makes mobility costs plannable, and on the other hand, costs are saved through the know-how of the fleet manager and the partner network. The possibility for potential savings on previous mobility costs ranges up to 20%. The modular offer is also a big plus. After a non-binding needs analysis, the service and individual activities of the fleet management are customised to the needs of the company and its fleet.

Cooperation from and for the region

This is also an important point in terms of regionality: because a small business or SME from rural regions has completely different mobility needs than those from the city. And existing business relationships, for example with the local garage, are uncompromisingly included and maintained in the individual offer. UPTO’s flexible offer, which can be adapted to regional conditions, is convincing.

«Many of our customers attach great importance to a trusting cooperation with partners from their own region. Accordingly, we are pleased to be able to offer them a solution with UPTO fleet management that respects and includes them.»

Marcel Kelemen, Head of the General Agency St. Gallen

Local partners and individual mobility needs

UPTO also offers great potential for regional providers, suppliers and garages, for example they can join the network and thus reach new customers. However, the focus is clearly on preserving long-standing business relationships with companies from the region.

An example: The Müller company maintains a fleet of 50 vehicles and would like to have them managed externally. For maintenance work, however, they have relied on the local garage for years and want to continue this trusting cooperation in the future. So UPTO draws up an offer that includes all processes to work only with this existing partner. The local garage thus retains the cooperation and the customer in turn saves time and money for the operation of the fleet. A win-win situation for all sides.

Modularisation to strengthen the mobility potential

The Müller company can decide for itself whether, for example, it wants to continue to procure the vehicles itself or also hand this over to the UPTO fleet managers. Here, too, existing suppliers are taken into account in the processes, but it is also possible to fall back on the nationwide UPTO partner network. And the procurement process itself, like everything else, can be adapted to regional needs. UPTO makes no difference whether the customer is a small business with eight vehicles or a large company with a complete fleet. All benefit from exactly the same individuality and personal support.

With their conviction that only customised offers provide a really good (mobility) solution, UPTO has convinced not only Marcel Kelemen, but already many customers throughout Switzerland. And in the future, together with his local general agency, they will continue to work on promoting and strengthening the mobility potential of the St. Gallen region – with all its multitude of service providers.