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Opportunity-Risk-Analysis with UPTO


There is no general answer to the question “Does a conversion to e-mobility make sense?” because it is linked to a large number of factors that are different for every company. Electrification can therefore only be effective if it is planned in advance and precisely adapted to the individual needs of the company.

«In discussions with our customers, my team and I increasingly find that there is interest in electrification in principle, but that clarification is often held back by reservations and a lack of knowledge. And this is certainly not only the case for our customers, but also for many other companies.»

Albert Schwitter, COO of AMS as well as UPTO author

That’s why we decided to offer a free opportunity/risk analysis in 2022, in which we determine the individual requirements for corporate mobility in a personal meeting and calculate a potential changeover. Based on this rough analysis, we can make an initial forecast as to whether, how, and in what timeframe a changeover or partial changeover is worthwhile.

How does it work?

To establish the basis for the analysis, the data would be reviewed in two phases:

In the first, the individual driving profiles of the fleet users are collected and evaluated. This can be calculated statically with the existing data such as daily kilometers and area of use. The current vehicles and their condition are also scrutinized. The data thus obtained provides a good insight. In addition, further information is determined in a personal meeting. For example, charging options, existing cooperations, existing processes, etc.

Personal advice, honest recommendation

With the answers received in the customer meeting and the above-mentioned data, an evaluation is finally created. The results are then presented to you, including transparently highlighted risks and opportunities. An honest and transparent description of the current situation and opportunities is particularly important to us. We do not make recommendations, but point out possibilities and opportunities. It does not always have to be a complete changeover. Often, an initial replacement of vehicles that will soon be too old anyway makes much more sense. Whether a full or partial changeover is advisable depends on many factors, including the suitability of the driver profiles identified.

The decision is yours, we stand behind it

However, only you can make the final decision as to whether e-mobility is suitable for your company. If you are still unsure after the initial analysis, we can also conduct a more in-depth investigation. In this case, the changeability and dynamics of the data are also taken into account. For this purpose, telematics data is used as a basis during a test period, on the basis of which an in-depth analysis can be made over the previously defined period. Testing individual e-vehicles is also a good way of gaining initial experience in everyday company life.

Whatever the decision of the companies, we always do our best to assist them in the consultation, conversion or advance planning. Because these decisions often contribute significantly to the future.