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UPTO Interview: Is an electric car worth it?


Mobility means freedom:

For Simon, mobility is not just a means of getting work done, but a piece of freedom. As an IT company, customer visits are essential, and personal interaction is particularly important for complex projects. For Simon, mobility is therefore not just a means to an end, but an essential part of entrepreneurial freedom.

The fascination of electric cars and e-mobility:

Simon enthuses about the fascination of e-mobility, especially in the Polestar 2 from UPTO. He emphasises not only the environmentally friendly driving style, but also the electrifying driving experience that an electric car can offer. The quiet driving and firm acceleration not only convey efficiency, but also provide an extra portion of driving pleasure.

Practical aspects of e-mobility:

With regard to the often criticised long charging times for electric cars, Simon shows a lack of understanding. He emphasises that the battery is always in good enough condition for the planned route, especially when customer visits often allow direct charging. Even on longer journeys, e-mobility is not a problem for Simon. He has already travelled 1000 km in one go to Italy and sees the planning of charging stops more as a way of integrating breaks into the journey.

Simon comments: “It just takes a little planning so that you always know where the fast-charging points are. The car also shows you the charge level when you get there, which is accurate.”

Advantages and disadvantages of e-mobility:


  1. Driving pleasure: Electric cars offer constant driving pleasure thanks to firm acceleration.
  2. Safety: Advanced safety systems take the strain off the driver and protect against accidents.
  3. Environment and innovation: Electric cars are regarded as an environmentally friendly means of transport, and the potential for innovation is far from exhausted.


  1. Grid expansion: With the increasing spread of e-cars, grid expansion must be driven forward in order to cope with the rising demand for electricity.
  2. Improving the charging network: The charging network should be further improved, especially outside the DACH countries, to ensure a smooth journey in other regions as well.
  3. Perception and battery anxiety: The fear of limited range is often unfounded and perception should be different from the mobile experience. Modern e-cars offer safety and reliability.

Conclusion: Is an electric car worth it?

Simon concludes his statement with clear words: “Electric cars are the cars of the future. And anyone who is still afraid of them should urgently give them a try.” His positive experiences with the Polestar 2 and the UPTO car subscription show that sustainable mobility and innovative solutions can not only be good for the environment, but also for the driving experience and the efficiency of a company. In a world where progress and environmental awareness go hand in hand, it is definitely worth exploring the future of mobility.

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