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Motorway e-vignette for companies


After the revision of the voluntary electronic vignette was passed in the 2020 winter session, the e-vignette should now appear in the course of 2023.

Will the adhesive vignette be replaced?

During the revision, it was decided to introduce the e-vignette on a voluntary basis. It is offered parallel to the sticker and drivers decide for themselves which version they want to buy. Both will cost 40 CHF. However, if sales of the sticker fall below 10% in the future, it could still be abolished.

What are the advantages?

In addition to the obvious advantage of eliminating the need for tedious gluing and removal, there is another: The e-vignette is not linked to the vehicle as before, but to the license plate. Change numbers therefore only require registration, and the same applies to a change of vehicle. This is an enormous advantage, especially for new purchases of company vehicles, vehicle fleets in general or garages.

Does something like this already exist?

Switzerland is thus anything but a pioneer: In Slovenia, freeway toll stickers have only been offered digitally since February 2022. This is extremely easy, especially for tourists passing through. You can register online in just a few minutes and then simply drive on unperturbed. The same applies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Austria.

Buy a Swiss e-vignette

It is not yet entirely clear how exactly the procurement of the e-vignette will take place. There is currently talk of an online store. However, it seems likely that the processes in neighboring countries, which already work with e-vignettes, will be followed. In Austria, for example, there will be a choice between adhesive and e-vignettes in the future, just like here. The latter is also linked to the license plate, no longer to the vehicle. The vignette is also “purchased” in the online store, or the license plate is registered for it. If a license plate has to be changed due to a change of district, the e-vignette can be adapted to this with an additional charge. ASFINAG’s Vignette Register can also be used to find out whether a car is already registered for the e-vignette, for example in the case of a rental or hire car.

It is quite conceivable that the process in Switzerland will be similar. Exactly how a Swiss e-vignette can be purchased in the future remains to be seen. We will keep you up to date.